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Denis Katzer & Tanja Katzer

Mongolia - Wild Freedom

15 Months at Worlds Origin

Horseback adventure and overwintering with the last reindeer nomads

Between 50°F below zero and plus 104°F

Lonely days and nights, the howling of the wolves, the blizzards, the earthquakes. After an adventurous ride for a length of 1500 kilometres to the worlds last reindeer nomads, we have been catapulted into a completely alien, partially hostile but fascinating world.

Not far from the Siberian border, beyond the 3000-metre-high snow mountain of Khoridol-Saridag, we met the Tuwa at their winter camp. The place where the Taigas sparse vegetation offers food to the nomads reindeers. We asked for their hospitality. We were the first Europeans allowed to spent a whole winter with them in our own Tipi. The exceptionally long winter leaves the land frozen and made us be afraid for our lives very often.

A thrilling and highly informative multivision-show in video, picture and sound. Created to take our audience into a strange and extreme world, which soon won´t exist anymore in such form.

A pure and uncompromising adventure, excitingly and authentically documented by Tanja & Denis Katzer.

This Show (Videos, Interviews, Sounds and Tanjas and Denis presentation) is entirely in English!