Longest unsupported e-bike expedition of the world - Siberia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam 2015 and 2017

Diary of an expedition dog 2015-2017

 After we have spent the winter with the Tuwa-nomads and have ridden 3,000 kilometres through Mongolia, we like to continue our trip with the e-bike. Because we will continue where we have finished our horse expedition, we transport our e-bikes plus equipment with the trans-Siberian railway from Berlin via Moscow to Ulan-Ude in Siberia. Because of the documentation of our trip in picture, film and text we must carry along a lot of technical equipment - including two e-bikes approx. 260 kilogramme. An immense weight for the wheels and above all for us. We hope to generate the in addition required energy with solar panels which are mounted on the bicycle trailer and load during the driving the second accumulator. The distance of Siberia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam is calculated on approx. 17,000 kilometre.

An amusing, highly informative, live written expedition history in which we lead the reader in a foreign and amusing world which is in a quick change and which there will not be in this form tomorrow any more.