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Arrival in Australia

Perth — 1999-06-18 - 1999-06-28

On a gloomy winter day, we reach Perth at last. With mixed feelings, not knowing what to expect in the weeks and months to come, and an additional 100 kg of equipment, we go to our hotel by taxi. We use our time in Perth for a visit to all the authorities important to our project. We go to the Firearm Branch to inquire about the gun license imperative for our survival. Some people might wonder just why we need a weapon. Well, estimates say that in Australia there are up to 200 000 wild camels. As already mentioned, wild camel bulls can be extremely dangerous and attacks are not unheard of. The only way to defend yourself in that case is with a high-caliber gun. Besides, we intend to supplement our meals by hunting rabbits and kangaroos. We also go to inquire about drill holes, wells and springs. Unfortunately this is a waste of time, nobody at the agency can tell us where and in what condition we will find wells and water holes.

The visit to the land administration proves to be very successful, in terms of our cartographic material. Although we already have about 90 maps sheets 1:250 000 of the Australian outback in our equipment, we must supplement some of them. Soon we are in a hurry to get to the camel farm at Perth. We are received with open arms and although we only wanted to stay for a few days, one month goes by before we know it.

Inspector Gadgets farm is a classic example for exceptional camel breeding and raising. Finally we are spending our time with the animals that are going to be so important to us. We hear and learn something new every day, about training , behavior, care and so much more. When Inspector Gadget offers to teach us his method of training , we gladly accept.

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