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First contact with our camels

Coolgardie — 1999-07-24

Early in the morning we take a look at the camels. Since we have meanwhile more equipment than originally planned, and do not want to load our four camels to the brim to provide for emergency, we ask Tom Luther, the camelfarmer, whether he has a fifth animal for us. Unfortunately Tom lost two of his camels in an accident and Danty, a camel we have already selected, strained his neck while being castrated, which makes him unfit for an expedition. Therefore, we have to put together a whole new camel crew.
For the loss of Danty, and the additional camel we wanted, Tom gives us two of his well trained camels named Sebastian and Hardy. Sebastian has a bad habit, that is not tolerable to Tom in the long run. Sebastian simply climbs every fence!
Our three other members are hardly trained so far. Look, Sabu and Boo will need a lot of attention in the months to come. We hope with Toms help we can train them to become well behaved members of the expedition.

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