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First day of training

Coolgardie — 1999-08-05

Today is our first day of training with Sebastian. Tom does a very good job as his teacher. Tanja has to lead Sebastian on the fenced premises for the first time. She is terribly afraid the camel could tear her head off. Although Sebastian is a well trained, castrated bull she did not trust him.
No wonder, after all the terrible experience poor Tanja had with the “desert ships” in former years.
Neither of us will ever forget how my hand completely disappeared in the mouth of an uncastrated camel bull in Pakistan. Thanks only to her exceptionally brave, selfless and fast-as-lightning reaction did the bull not rip off my hand then and there.
It is going to take a few more weeks until she finds the necessary confidence in the sensible work of training camels. That evening I was really proud of Tanja when she rode on Sebastian’s back for the first time.

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