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Kangaroo tail for the breakfast

Shirona Farm — 1999-09-04

The next morning the kangaroo tail is being wrapped in foil and placed in the open fire. Ron then serves us the speciality of kangaroo tail stewed in its own juice. It takes some getting used to, but then it’s not bad at all.

For lunch we are having kangaroo goulash which is absolutely delicious. Shirley shows Tanja how to prepare kangaroo meat in different ways so we won’t have the same on our menu in the bush all the time. After the exquisite meal Tanja fetches the little joey from the door and strokes it tenderly. She carefully remarks to Shirley: if you ever have another hunting accident like this, you can give me the young one and I’ll be happy to raise it. Shirley smiles and gives Tanja the little roo, whereupon Tanja bursts into tears of joy. Today, our expedition team of five camels and a dog increases by a baby kangaroo called Shiron.

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