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Coolgardie — 1999-10-01

Shiron, our kangaroo baby, is developing extremely well. He grows every day and greatly enjoyed his first attempts at jumping. I protest when Tanja wants to take him into her sleeping bag at night so as to simulate as best she can life in mother’s pouch. Besides, she agues that our dog Rufus has a very distinctive hunting instinct and we cannot be certain he doesn’t simply eat him up in the night. In the end I give in to Tanja, although I’m afraid he is going to pee into her sleeping bag. Shiron really feels good and when I realize that he remains dry, I also want to let him sleep with me. Tanja and I agree to take turns: “He sleeps one night with you and the other night with me!”

During the day Shiron hangs in a fabric bag over the bed so that Rufus doesn’t reach him. Every two to three hours we must feed him and he likes the lactose-free milk unbelievably well. Sure, caring for him means a lot of work to us but we are generously rewarded. To us, this creature is one of the sweetest, funniest and most interesting animals we can imagine. Every day we discover something new about him, and every day he surprises us the new acrobatic jumps. He is funniest when he drops into his bag headfirst. Sometimes misses the bag, but this is all part of the learning process. Meanwhile we feel like real parents. It may sound strange to some people, but we call each other Mommyroo and Daddyroo now.

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