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Wundowie — 2000-02-09

We have made up our minds to leave Shiron with our friend Mary Jane and not re-integrate him into nature as we had planned. Too many people have warned us that Shiron would only have a slight chance of survival in the wilderness. He’s too accustomed to humans and would be easy prey for any kangaroo hunter. Furthermore, since there are too many grey kangaroos, the law says that he has to be sterilised before he is given his freedom. But that means that he won’t be accepted by his male mates and consequently would not have any regular tasks in the pack. We consider it best for him to spend his life in a large open-air enclosure where he can move around safely and share his days with other kangaroo friends. Unfortunately we must have him sterilised even with this solution, because kangaroo boys in a non-castrated condition are extremely dangerous for man. There have been quite a few accidents caused by kangaroo bulls where people got severely injured. The consequence would be fatal, because at the latest if he hurt someone, Shiron would be shot.

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