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Verne has Sold his House

Wundowie — 2000-02-19

“Beep, beep, beep!” the disagreeable high-pitched alarm of my watch wakes me up. Still tired I turn on my back and look at it. It is 3:30 in the morning. I crawl out of the tent and go to the caravan, freezing. It is a cold night. I get dressed in a hurry and get in the car. In less than 15 minutes, the country bus from Kalgoorlie to Perth is going to set down Verne at the Shell station near here. I’m happy that he’s coming. He is going to deal with the saddle design and take a burden off my back. Besides, we have so many things to discuss: the itinerary, the best way out of the farmland where you run into a fence every few hundred metres, permit, logistics, and lots more. I’m just thinking whether we will be a good team when a big bus stops and a skinny figure with few personal belongings gets off and walks towards me. “Hello Denis! Nice to see you again!” he says, smiling as usual. After a friendly embrace, we get into the Holden and drive to the farm. We talk about what happened during the last weeks until the sun rises. “What ever happened to your house and land?” I’m curious to know over a hot cup of tea. “Oh, I sold it to Toni with all the furniture.” “Wow, so you have enough money now to easily accompany us on the expedition.” I reply all enthused. “Well, if it’s not enough I can still go and buy myself a motorbike.” he says. As it turns out, Verne sold his house with everything in it to his friend Toni for 1800.00 dollars

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