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Prospectors Patch

Wundowie — 2000-05-06

After I have talked my thoughts about the detector over with Tanja, Melinda and Phill, Phill helps me find a shop in Midland that sells metal detectors. As soon as I have the number I make a phone call and enquire prices. A friendly voice answers: “It’s a good thing you are calling now. We have a super sale at the moment. The best and most modern detector on the market costs as little as 4100 dollars. There are only three of them left on stock and they sell like hot buns. As soon as they are sold out, the price will rise again to approximately 5200 dollars.” I hardly trust my ears, and a short time later I sit in our Holden, all excited, on my way to Midland.

When I enter the shop named „The Prospectors Patch“ an hour later, I’m instantaneously captivated by its pleasant atmosphere. I am warmly welcomed by Heinz, who comes originally from Austria and is so natural and kind that we spend the next few hours talking about his and my life. During this pleasant conversation, I let my gaze wonder though his shop. I discover new and old detectors everywhere, with an extensive range of accessories. There are also fossils and magnificent precious stones decorating the shelves.

In the end, there is no more need for Heinz to convince me, and all excited, I buy a (to me) beautiful detector.

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