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Clackline-Camp — 2000-05-19

Seeing that we are going to spend at least two days here, I phoned Melinda last night and asked her to pick up Jo with our Holden. At 10 in the morning she arrives at our camp. We embrace her warmly and tell her about our adventures. A little later, Jo and Melinda leave us. Jo goes home to see Tom, and she takes Istan’s and Jafar’s saddles to have him cut off the dangerous and absolutely useless metal hooks. We can consider ourselves lucky that one of the hooks only caught Jafar’s saddle and not one of us. Moreover, Jo is going to get us a fresh supply of water, and buy some things we are in need of, like more ropes, nails and gloves, and she wants to fit my trousers with bigger belt loops. Tanja and I spend the rest of the day in our camp 3 by ourselves. In the afternoon I set up the satellite phone prepared to give some interviews. Unfortunately none of the radio stations calls, and I waste my precious time in front of the telephone.

Day: 08

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