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Cancer of the skin?

Hulongine-Camp — 2000-05-30

We start out at 10:40 a.m. With the last possible connection via the mobile network I have tried time and again to phone the dermatologist. It was about two months ago that I discovered a strange spot on the left wing of my nose. Before we departed for the expedition the spot was frozen twice. “If it comes back you will have to see a specialist.” the doctor said. Upon my question whether that little thing could be cancerous he replied that this possibility could not be ruled out.

In a heavy wind I seek shelter behind a mighty tree trunk so as to be able to better understand the doctor’s receptionist. “Yes, most likely we’ll reach Goomalling by tomorrow. Some friends of ours live there, and I can take my car which is parked at their house to come to Perth!” I holler into the phone in order to drown the noise of the wind. The connection is suddenly interrupted and with a curse I dial again to confirm the appointment. As soon as the appointment is fixed I feel a little bit better.

I think of Claudia and Angelika who managed for me to get this contact when they last visited us. It is normally not so easy, and there are waiting periods of up to 6 weeks. A bit more confident, I now walk ahead of the caravan again. In the evening, we reach camp no. 8. A nasty strong wind blows dark clouds over the sky. Before we go to bed I administer an anti-inflammatory agent to Jafar. According to Jo’s instructions, Tanja sprinkles it on a buttered piece of bread and sticks it into Jafar’s mouth. He seems to like it and wants more. “That’ll help him!” Jo says smiling and patting his neck. Absolutely done in, we go to sleep early. Tonight it rains for the first time.

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