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The Findings

Goomalling-Perth — 2000-06-01

After an agreeable hot shower at Jo and Tom’s small house I drive to Perth with mixed feelings. I’m quite surprised at the distance we’ve covered in spite of the enormous starting problems. Sometimes, when the tracks cross the road, I can remember exactly how I felt when we crossed the strip of asphalt with our caravan just a few days or weeks ago. Before I go to see the dermatologist I run a few errands Tanja asked me to.

Then at 2 p.m. the time has come. Dr. Molton shakes my hand, asks me into his office and briefly explains the procedure of the minor operation to me. “I don’t think it’s cancer,” he says, "however, we must send in a sample of the skin for analysis. In case the findings are positive, you will have a crooked nose after the surgery. The spot is directly at the cartilage, and we have to make a deep cut. When I sew up the wound, one of your nose wings is likely to pull up. Slightly shocked I listen to his words and pray to be spared this operation. After he has lasered the spot and shown me the little bugger that now floats in a liquid, I say goodbye to the friendly doctor.

A little while later I sit in our Holden again. I take a sceptical look in the rear-view mirror and notice with relief that I look unchanged. Tomorrow at noontime I’ll know what the pathologist has found. Claudia and Angelika at whose house I’m going to stay for a few days, give me a hearty welcome. They spoil me like a prince with delicious meals, I take a bath and sleep in a wonderful bed. Although we’ve been gone for only three weeks, I relish the luxury of civilisation again.

Day: 21

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