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Dancing for Joy

Goomalling-Perth — 2000-06-02 - 2000-06-03

I use the opportunity of the stay in Perth to make some telephone calls and to write the extensive update to our web page. At noontime on Friday I call Dr. Molton. „He is speaking on the phone,“ says the secretary. I wait nervously, thinking what we are going to do if the findings are positive.   According to the doctor I would have to pause for a month at least to give the wound a chance to heal.   „Mr Katzer!“ I hear his voice. „No problem, everything’s alright.   It is an early sun injury. It’s a good thing you were here. It could have developed into cancer.   You can continue your expedition.   Good luck, and just to be sure you ought to always protect your skin with a zinc ointment“ I am so relieved and after exchanging a few words with him I hang up. „Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!“ I cry and dance for joy, like a little boy.

Day: 22-23

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