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Goomalling-Camp — 2000-06-05

Early in the morning Picasso comes to greet me. He is a lively, pretty little cat. He suddenly appeared in the camp shortly after my departure for Perth, and has not left it since. Like a little tiger he shoots up the trees boisterously, and moments later you can see him dashing through the legs of the camels. He is not afraid of anything, least of all of Rufus who would love to hunt him. Picasso annoys him perpetually, and as soon as he chases after him one of his paws shoots up to hit his sensitive nose with his sharp claws. Although we know that cats in Australia do enormous damage to nature, Picasso has taken our hearts by storm. Actually, cats are considered a pest here, because they eat lizards and rare species of birds. They were once imported by the white man, and have developed into a real plague in the course of years, which everyone tries to get under control with any means. This is exactly the reason why we cannot simply leave Picasso behind when we continue our journey. Tanja and Jo have already phoned Melinda who agreed at once to put him up in their family.

In the afternoon I put together all our equipment to get everything ready for tomorrow’s departure. Meanwhile Tanja drives to Wundowie to take Picasso to Melinda’s.

Day: 25

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