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Without any pain I would be the happiest person

Cleary-Camp — 2000-06-19

The pain dulled with the medication, I am able to write these lines. Of course, hours of sitting disagrees with me, too. But things must go on somehow. The weather is extremely bad, it has been raining and storming for three days now, and Tanja and I try hard to keep up the morale. Around midday I go to get another fleece pullover from the rucksack. As I open one of the buckles, suddenly a little scorpion emerges right next to my hand and runs away. That is definitely all I need now, a poisonous sting by one of those little buggers. Notwithstanding my condition, the routine tasks of the day must be accomplished. Tanja has to mind the camels morning and night by herself now. She says she just about manages to keep the five animals under control. Sometimes they break away quite abruptly and without any obvious reason and dash through the undergrowth or to the nearby open field. In the evening, we are having potato-and-lentil stew and if it was a sunny day free from rain and pain, I would be a happy person.

Day: 39

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