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Spirits are high

Cleary-Camp — 2000-06-22

Petro has decided to stay a few days longer.   He wants to see how the L-frames sit on the camels.   He helps us with the finishing touches on the saddles and teaches us a few knots.   Jo cuts strips out of old tyre tubes and Tanja and I saw some fence wire into roughly 30 cm long pieces.   Petro bends these then into hooks and we tie them onto Jo’s rubber strips in order to make some excellent, and cheap, elastic bands with which to fasten our equipment on to the L-frames. Our camp resembles a work shop.   Thank goodness Petro has the necessary tools in his Jeep in order for us to complete our tasks out here in the bush.   Everyone is busy and we perform almost assembly-line production.   The sun is shining, spirits are high and we look forward to our oncoming departure.

Day: 42

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