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Goola has injured his neck

Cleary-Camp — 2000-06-25

During the early morning camel inspection we discover that Goola has injured his neck during yesterdays pedantics.   Although there is no visible wound, he must have wrenched a neck vertebra or muscle while bucking wildly the day before.   With soothing words and a couple of tricks we manage to succeed in slipping the holding line through the metal ring on his halter.   He sheers and his behaviour signalises fear in association with pain.   Now Tanja and I are not only giving Istan the antiinflamatory and pain relieving medication.   Jafar’s and Sebastian’s injuries are now healed but it seems that we always have at least one patient on this trip! We are forced by oncoming heavy rain and wind to set the dome up again.   At least we are under cover and can spend time during the day keeping dry.   It is still early this evening as we curl ourselves up in our small sleeping tent, and hope that the new day will bring better weather.

Day: 45

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