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Fold-out table, luxury on the expedition

Cleary-Camp — 2000-07-01

We enjoy a pleasant weekend, despite the pressures we are under. Jo, Tom and Petro visit us on Saturday evening and bring with them the rest of the refurbished L-frames. Unfortunately, Jo couldn’t sew the other eight saddle bags as her machine is playing up, as I mentioned before. Nevertheless, she has succeeded in acquiring a whole bunch of handy things for us while she was away and managed to make a fabulous cover for a light fold-out table which they present us with for the trip. I am speechless and very happy. I finally have a table of my own on which to write and don’t have to scribble on my knees or other awkward places any more. Of course it’s a luxury to have a table on a camel expedition, but when I think of the three years ahead I realise it’s maybe not so luxurious after all. It is important for me to sit relatively comfortably considering how much I write on these expeditions and keeping such detailed notes of our experiences is often exhausting enough after a full day of action. In the evenings or on days of rest, when the camels are unloaded and the important work is completed, I sit my tired self down in front of the computer and start typing. It doesn’t matter if it’s storming or raining, if the sun is burning down or if thousands of annoying flies are crawling in my nose and ears. Even though I do enjoy writing, it is often very difficult under these circumstances. Anyway, now I am the proud owner of a travel table for which we need only find space on the camels. Jo plans on leaving us here in Cleary so we take the opportunity to present her and Tom with a gift that we have been wanting to give them for some time. Tom accepts the small package, wrapped in a serviette, and unties the black hay band. He can’t believe his eyes as he sees the Leatherman inside and he and Jo are overjoyed at the sight of the helpful knife. We embrace in thanks for the incredible help we have become from our friends and are not ashamed of a tear or two. So that there’s no squabbling over the Leatherman, we give Jo a Swiss knife as well and are pleased to see that we hit the nail on the head with these gifts. The rest of the evening is very enjoyable and harmonious.

Day: 51

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