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Jo stays a couple of days longer

Cleary-Camp — 2000-07-02

Jo and Tom drive back to Goomalling. Tom is going on a 3 week canoe trip to Lake Air with friends. Lake Air is a huge inland lake which has filled recently due to the heavy rainfall of the last few months. This is considered to be a natural wonder then it is only the third time that this otherwise dried lake has filled with water since the white man arrived in Australia. Countless birds flock to the lake and provide an unforgettable spectacle for bird and nature lovers alike. Jo has decided not to join her husband on this trip, but to return to us on Tuesday instead, and journey with us in her car for a few days. She wants to be sure that her students can stand on their own two feet and, more importantly, that the new L-frames really fit. When she is convinced that everything is in order then she will leave us for good, to resume her normal life. Petro will stay until tomorrow before setting off on his long planned trip to Kalgoorlie, Alice Springs and Queensland.

Day: 52

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