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Peter helps us repair the saddles

Peters Paddock-Camp — 2000-07-07

It has rained the whole night. Everything is clammy and uncomfortable. Even our sleeping bags are so damp that they don’t warm properly anymore. Immediately after breakfast I take the car and drive to Peter and Cathy’s farmhouse. Only Cathy is there. ‘Peter has to weigh 500 sheep for Woolworth today’ she says, smiling. As she hears of yesterdays drama she offers us her and Peter’s help immediately. ’We’ll come out to you later, don’t worry about it. Peter can weld the saddle for sure’ I thank the kind, young mother profusely and take my leave. Shortly after my arrival at the camp, I set the satellite phone up on top of the car roof and enjoy the luxury of giving interviews from the dryness of the vehicle. The day passes quickly and Cathy and Peter come in the evening to pick up Jafar’s frame. Although Peter has work up to his eyeballs, he wants to bring the frame back in the morning. ‘No worries’ says the helpful man. Later, Jo and I return to their farm where she takes the opportunity to phone her beloved Tom and I manage to get in contact with our friend and manager, Mike. I describe our present situation to him in a few words and am happy to hear his encouraging voice.

Day: 57

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