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Rare visit

Paynes Find-Camp — 2000-07-22

Saturday flies by too and it rains as so often before. I sit in my bush office and put our experiences to paper as Tanja softly calls ‘Denis! Denis!’ I pause and poke my head out the tent flap. Tanja gives me a sign and I slip out of my bush office, in time to see four emus standing right beside our saddles. We observe one another excitedly for a few moments before the proud birds decide to walk on. ‘Amazing, they come right into the camp!’ I joyfully exclaim. Tanja calls me again a little later and this time I find a fox creeping through our camp. Rufus watches him with interest. Suddenly he sprints off after the fox and we have a hard time keeping him from chasing the poor animal. And so the day passes in our homely camp and, although I am writing all the time, it is a pleasant period.

Day: 72

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