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Camp day

Paynes Find-Camp — 2000-07-23

We decide to get rid of Goola’s L-frame too, for safety reasons, despite being faced with reorganising the load completely. We spend the day distributing our equipment anew and weighing each piece precisely. Adrian arrives with his girlfriend in the afternoon and shows her the camels, then we sit around the camp fire together and enjoy a couple of lamb chops that they brought with them. We want to move on tomorrow so get straight back to work on the load after bidding our visitors a friendly farewell. My back has recuperated by now but I still suffer great pain in my hips as we carry equipment from here to there, weigh everything in the small hand scales, strap rubber bands to Goola’s frame and complete many other tasks associated with reloading. I can’t stop thinking about the cattle grids to come, I know that most of the way to Broome is through station land and I can only pray that the grid situation will improve.

Day: 73

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