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Without incident

Open View-Camp — 2000-07-26

Today we pass five cattle grids unscathed and the sun continues to shine without a cloud in sight.   Sebastian appears to have lost his euphoria and allows himself to be led for once. ‘I hope he doesn’t think I’m going to pull him all the way across Australia!’ I joke, and hope that this doesn’t turn into a new problem for us.   Tanja’s back pain lets up a little and Rufus heels well.   The surrounding landscape appears to be very dry and we count our lucky stars that we don’t have to walk through in the middle of summer.   We pass various gold mines every now and then, many of which seem to be as deserted as those at Paynes Find, and are reminded of human inhabitants by the presence of rubbish here and there.   Our surroundings become suddenly fruitful once more as we leave the hills behind us in the late afternoon and innumerable herds of sheep cross our path.   We find a fabulous camping spot with open views to the east and would love to spend some time here but the next rest day is not planned until tomorrow.

Day: 76






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