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A quiet day in the supply camp

Supply-Camp — 2000-07-29

We find ourselves gathered around the fire again late this morning, still exchanging news.   I am enjoying the chocolate cake that Jo and Tom brought with them and have to keep myself in check so as not to eat too much.   In the afternoon I assemble the detector for the first time.   Tom and I read the instructions and take a few minutes to search for gold in the area.   I have to keep writing in my journal, unfortunately, and Tom gets bored with swinging the instrument over the red earth fairly quickly.   I am hoping, of course, to make some long trips with the detector in the future, but that depends on whether I find the energy when I need it.   Jo, Tom and Tanja enjoy the afternoon as I busy myself repairing my head lamp, glad to have included a   small soldering iron in our repair box.   It doesn’t take long for me to find the broken cable and to strip it and solder it, then I resume my writings and before I know it the afternoon is over.

Day: 79

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