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Supply-Camp — 2000-07-31

Jo and Tom have offered to take our post back with them and send it, so I spend the entire day copying a couple of our films and putting the finishing touches to the latest journal update.   Tanja takes care of the food distribution and other important things and at 6:00 p.m. Jo and Tom are ready to leave us once more.   This time we wont be seeing them for many months but are overjoyed that they have offered to bring us the next four months rations when the time comes.   ‘It doesn’t matter how far you’ve come, we’ll find you’   they say.   This solves a huge problem for us, as we figure that with the next ration we could reach Broome if all goes well.   After a hearty farewell we stand on the track and wave them goodbye until their car finally disappears over the horizon in a cloud of dust.   We make our way back to the fire place somewhat sadly.   ‘Now we’re alone again’ I say to Tanja, who answers with a nod of the head.   It is a peculiar feeling.

Day: 81

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