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Last preparation

Supply-Camp — 2000-08-02

I spend another half a day tying knots on the saddlebags, Tanja helps me by securing the hemp ends with insulating tape, to prevent them from fraying, and melting the ends of the mountain climbing rope with the flame of a lighter. All the saddle bags are finally fastened to the frames by early afternoon, and we get to work weighing everything we have with the hand scales to ensure an even distribution of the load on the camels backs. We are quite skilled at this by now, however, and complete the process fairly quickly. Then I pack my bush office up and stow it all in the Pelican Bag, so that I am able to flick the old metal detector on for one last search at 5:00 p.m.

I lose sight of our camp after searching just a few metres, suddenly disorientated and unable to hear even the sound of the camels bells in the thick bush. I am surprised at how quickly I have become utterly lost and am thankful for the GPS in my pocket. I pull the device out and punch the GO TO button, then Camp 31, once again amazed by this implement and how easily I am able to follow the arrow to Camp 31, just 300 metres away.
Once back in our camp, I sit down next to Tanja by the fire and we talk about setting out tomorrow, praying together that the animals don’t go crazy and endanger us and the equipment.

Day: 83

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