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Like a bird over the sea

Golden Grove-Camp — 2000-08-04

I feel tired and worn out. The pressure of the new load situation was obviously greater than I had taken it to be, nevertheless I spend the entire day writing of our adventures and conducting interviews. This evening my bones are so stiff from sitting the whole day, that I call Rufus for a little exercise ‘Rufus come, let’s climb up the rock!’ whereupon he comes racing toward me with tail wagging furiously.

My breath is literally taken away from me as we reach the top of the boulder and gaze out over the eternal bush. The light green of the trees is dipped in soft rays of sun and transformed into a magical gold colour, between which I can see the dirt track we’ve been taking these last few weeks, just a thin line from this height. I feel like an eagle flying high above his nest and realise just how small my bush office is in our humble camel camp. An indescribable energy passes through my body in soft waves and I suddenly feel as light as a feather, ready to glide like a bird over the sea of plants beneath me.
I remain fixed to the spot and contemplate this colourful show of nature in a country so beautiful that it’s almost impossible to describe with words. Australia, yes I’m in Australia. The land of open spaces, of eternal peace and where the oldest rock formations in the world are to be found. The land of the Aborigines, of myths, of dreams and of paths, a dream land in which dreams can come true. For the first time I feel a connection between myself, the Red Earth Expedition and nature. I believe this is Happiness, yes… I can say that I am happy. What a wonderful life…

I make my way back down to our camp as the sun begins to set, a glowing ball of fire upon the horizon, and am greeted by Tanja with a fantastic stew and her first cake from the bush fire for desert, as a special surprise for me. My mouth waters at the sight of it and the taste is fabulous.

Day: 85

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