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Tanjas paints an impressive picture

Pindathuna-Camp — 2000-08-12

I spend the day fixing equipment and writing these lines. Tanja sits in the shade of a nearby tree and paints an impressive picture, she had taken to painting before we began this trip and really enjoys it. We managed to find some room in the saddle bags for the paints and sometimes, when she has enough energy left over after the exhausting marches and heavy loading and unloading, she sets her creative talents free. It is nice to see her forget the world around her and become one with herself. The birds twitter and a light breeze whispers through the branches of the trees. Colourful spring blossoms glow in the clear sunlight and the juicy plants seem to want to outdo each other in their array of different greens. The indescribable red of the Australian earth glows with a warm tone and appears almost unreal against the contrasting blue sky. Occasionally I peer over the top of my laptop toward her, wondering at her peace and ability to put the beautiful colours of this beautiful land onto paper.

This evening Phill visits us again. He wants to take me out hunting, but Tanja doesn’t want to stay in the camp alone. I can understand her fears, a few years ago, as we travelled 1600 km across Mongolia on horseback, our camp was overrun by drunken Mongolians and we only just barely escaped. Since then we have become very careful. We’re not in Mongolia now, but the shock sits deep in our bones still and it will take a long time to forget that experience. Phill has brought a few beers with him and we enjoy them together before he disappears into the night again.

Day: 93

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