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Goola spits

Emu-Camp — 2000-08-17

We raise our tired limbs from the blankets at 6:15 a.m. and find that it is still raining and that the farm is covered in fog. Nevertheless, we decide to continue the expedition today and enjoy a hearty breakfast with Ingrid, after tending to the camels. At 11:00 a.m. we are ready to go and say goodbye to the friendly family with many thanks for their hospitality. We take a few photos of them and the camels and are joined by Ingrid on the walk to the front gate, where there is no cattle grid thank goodness. ‘We will pay you a visit at your next camp!’ the young farmer’s wife calls and we start the day with new energy. The fog rises and the sun warms our frozen bodies. Sebastian has reconsidered and walks at a normal tempo today, and the others appear to have awoken from their bad dream and jaunt along behind each other like pearls on a string. We overcome two more grids with gates, numbers 46 and 47 if my calculations are correct.

We find a camping spot in the sun-filled bush at 4:30 p.m. and let the camels down as a group of Emus suddenly appears around us. They come ever closer, despite our activities, and stretch their necks around the bushes, looking at us with big round eyes. ‘They don’t appear to have any fear of us,’ Tanja says happily. ‘That’s funny, it’s as thought they really want to know what we’re doing here. Well, it’s understandable I guess, it’s not every day that they see camels.’ I say, opening Istan’s girdle. When we go to loosen Goola’s leg rope, he spits a huge glob onto the front of my freshly washed shirt and I have to wonder why we even bother cleaning them? ‘It really is sickening. Why do we bother washing?’ I swear, loosening his leg ropes together with Tanja and with the stink of camel vomit in my nose. Once we set my bush office up and the Basefox tent from Fjäll Räven, we collect wood and light the fire. It is a beautifully clear night and the rain clouds have disappeared, leaving us to enjoy the evening in peace.

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