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Belele Camp

Belele Camp — 2000-09-13

We move in slow motion the whole morning, sitting a lot and trying to regain strength. I light a small fire in the creek bed in order to boil tea water in the billy. For safety reasons I erect a wall of stones around the fire place as only one spark is needed to set the wind grass on fire. Jon visits us again in the afternoon and I take the opportunity to call my parents and a couple of sponsors from his office. We now have a telephone card which enables us to call from any phone and have the charges made to us directly. This means that we don’t have to worry about the farmer’s telephone bill and can call anyone we want to. Upon my return to camp, Tanja tells me all about the things she learnt from Jon about castrating horses, pigs and other animals. He had wanted to know how it works with camels but Tanja had told him to ask me, which he doesn’t get around to doing during our stay at the farm.

Day: 125

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