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We would like to stay in paradise a while longer

Mount Vernon-Camp — 2000-10-06 - 2000-10-07

Due to our immense weariness, our progress in documenting, writing and lettering of films is slow. That’s why we decide to stay till Saturday. Every day in the late afternoon Lorraine takes us to our animals who are thriving on the rest and the hay. These are pleasant days here at Mount Vernon and if we were not pushed for time we gladly would help Brain and Lorraine with the cattle round up which is to be continued next  week. Unfortunately we are still behind time. The question arises why we are taking a few days break every now and then. As I explained before, to document our journey takes up about 25% of our available time. Apart from this it is a hard trip calling on all our physical resources. Up to now we covered 1264 kilometers and it is  the same distance again to Broome. Physically and mentally we are almost always drawn to our limits and we need these breaks during such a long distance to regain our strength for the next trekking days. If we knew that the trip was ending in a few weeks we certainly would get away with less breaks. Yet behind Broome the whole continent in its vastness lays before us. Sometimes we would like to simply have a few weeks rest and just relax. On the other hand we are anxious to reach our destination. We feel torn between the two. In particular now that we know what to expect are we dreading to leave this paradise and to explore further into the tough country side. As I said it is a to and fro because the challenge to reach the plateau through all the gorges and then to reach Turee Creek across the Spinnafix grass is fascinating and unquestionably satisfies the longing heart of any adventure.

Day: 148-149

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