Profihost AG

Why we support the expedition website with our hosting

On the road you have to rely on the equipment - as in e-commerce on the reliability of the server. We are happy to support the expedition of Tanja and Denis Katzer with our hosting, because we love the courage and determination that such ventures still require. Because we are also driven by the curiosity to learn more about the world in our area and to get better every day. Because we also love the internet beyond online shops and e-commerce and the possibility that everyone can write down and publish their story here.

Anyone traveling on e-bikes, bicycles or even on foot only takes with them what they really need - to save space and not carry around unnecessary kilos. This kind of soft tourism is eco-friendly and realizes the concept of sustainability. Here, too, there are parallels to our hosting products: they are 100% certified with hydroelectric power and consume extremely little of it. Because the servers in cloud hosting come with comparable performance, with up to 90% less energy. At the same time, they require about 80% less space with enormous advantages in terms of reliability and flexibility of computing power. Because in cloud hosting, the server can be adapted to the actual needs - so no hardware element is idle for months, just because on special occasions more "power" is needed.

The enterprise

Profihost AG is an owner-managed, medium-sized hosting company with a special focus on e-commerce, offers for system houses and agencies and flexible, highly reliable hosting products. In the hosting cloud we realize projects of all sizes. From the niche product to the all-rounder with several million items in our product range, we have the right hosting solution for every occasion. Profihost attaches great importance to data protection and data security - also for the customers of our customers. Because with the server location and company headquarters in Germany, unlike the multinational global players, we can offer solid data protection and security not only for online trading.