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Why we work together with Tanya & Denis Katzer.

Musicians are not only used to say “Du” to total strangers and fellow musicians from around the world, but also to opening up their musical soul – to initialize a give and take, beyond all languages and religions.

Musicians are, however, also very sensitive, who react with a sometimes monthly creative blockage, when a “modern” war, such as in Afghanistan and Iraq, launches.

For many centuries, lots of world travelers come back with bright eyes and tell us about their unbelievable experiences during their journeys. We, as communicative “new time” humans should surely listen to those world travelers carefully – as they could open our eyes about some wrong believe of the so called fights of cultures and religions. World travelers, such as Tanja and Denis Katzer are advocad of respect, human rights and devotion – outside in the world as well as here at home. We, as musicians, may be proud, that our music has been selected to accompany this message !

The bluevalley musical archive with over 4 200 Gema-, SUISA-, AKM-, Royalty free music titles is setting musical accents, mainly in German speaking industrial films (technical documentation, commercials, educational films). Hence, we were astonished (but also proud) about the feedback from many Natural- and travel movie directors, who also categorized our musical offers as very useful and reasonable. Even though with totally different titles of our music than the technical oriented industrial one – but also as successful, that bluevalley-music (with a MDR production) was almost nominated to the Grimmprice.