riese und müller GmbH


We are pleased to be working with Tanja and Denis Katzer. Why?

Tanja and Denis Katzer plan to ride the next leg of their journey with one of our great Riese & Müller E-bikes. We are very excited about this! The bike they have chosen, our Delite hybrid rohloff E-bike, is well suited to extreme bike tours. The first four stages of their Trans-East expedition were completed on our Delite Black and Intercontinental models.

Touring with an E-bike is an appealing option for travel and trekking cyclist who have until now been solely dependent on muscle power. The advantages are obvious: The intense experience of landscapes, nature, and the regions that drives the vast majority of travel cyclists to go on a tour is decoupled from the physical effort that comes with a cycling trip in which you transport your luggage with you. This allows you to enjoy the attractions along the route in a more relaxing way. We therefore think bicycle tours with the E-bikes will continue to become more popular and commonplace in the future.

Riese and Müller: Because we believe

For 20 years, “suspended cycling”, and always because we believe. The company Riese & Müller located in Weiterstadt develops and produces exclusively full suspension bikes. The founder and CEO Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, both mechanical engineers, developed their first bicycle, the full suspension folding bike Birdy in 1992. The Birdy developed in a very short time into a bestseller. It is currently sold in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Following the success of the Birdy, Riese & Müller created a wide range of models over the years, with the 2013 model year including a total of nine bicycle models. Among them you will now find 25 electric-assisted bicycles that, at Riese & Müller, go by the name of “hybrid”.

The bike manufacturer has set the goal of becoming the market leader in the premium segment of E-bikes in the next five years. In addition to the full suspension systems, you can expect unique product design and very high quality production from each Riese & Müller bicycle. Around 100 people are currently employed at the headquarters in Weiterstadt where we develop, assemble and sell all of the bicycles for the European market.