Denis Katzer

Denis Katzer, born on January 25, 1960 in Nuremberg, has dedicated his life to travelling. Having finished his qualification as a mechanic for office machinery, he absolved his compulsory time with the German armed forces joining a special unit, and was trained for single combat. This training included parachuting, close combat, combat shooting, key-operated radio, weapon training, and survival training, all of which enabled him to acquire basic knowledges for his later expeditions.

Denis’ pacifistic attitude to life and his never ending search for peace and the sense of life eventually prompted his decision to leave the German armed forces (“Bundeswehr”). He then worked as sales director for the company Olympia, and as from 1983 took advantage of his holiday time to go on expeditions to aboriginal tribes living in remote areas.

1991 he completely gave up his career, in order to start on his 30-year-expedition called “The Great Journey”: During the expedition breaks, he uses his skills as author, photographer, and film producer, and publishes his experiences in magazines, holds slide shows, writes books, and works on film documentaries for the television.

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