Rufus Katzer, former Freddy Wauy, was born on June 21st, 1996 on a small farm in South West Australia. He’s a qualified lizard hunter, as well as a specialised shepherd and cattle drover. He gave up his job though in 1999, and decided to join Tanja and Denis Katzer on their South-to-North and West-to-East crossing of the Australian continent. Now, Rufus spends his life on early retirement in a small village in southern Germany, and barks at his dog friends in an Australian-Franconian dialect.

“Wauuuhhuuu, there’s something I’ve got to say. I would have never thought that camel riding can be that exhausting. Especially with that job I had: barking at kangaroos, wild horses, and wild camels to chase them away. But honestly: If mummy and daddy had told me from the very beginning that they wouldn’t let me nibble the delicious, sun-ripened cattle and camel carcasses, I probably wouldn’t have joined them. Who would then have taken care of them, though? Who would have protected them from the wild camel bulls and the poisonous snakes? Who would have saved my dear Tanja from dying a horrible death of thirst? And who would have shown Denis the way?

No false modesty: It was a brave decision to take part in this adventure. And thinking about it, it wasn’t all that bad to be heading the caravan on the back of my friend Hardie, and being able to observe everything from up there. As scout and great camel rider, I was definitely the most important member of the team. I suppose without me Denis and Tanja would have never survived this expedition."

Unfortunately, Tanja and Denis have decided not to take me along on their TRANS-EAST-EXPEDITION. They think I wouldn’t survive this trip because of all the stray dogs, they say, but mainly because of the horrible and dangerous traffic all over. What do they know! Even at my age, I can still put to flight any car – no kidding! But thinking about it, I have a much riskier and extremely important job at home: I am the bodyguard of Brigitte and Carsten, Denis’ parents, and, furthermore, I am the watchie for Denis’ and Tanja’s house while they’re on tour.

There I have done preparations for my last big journey. Like a true hero! Yes Sir! My very personal journey to the stars high above... What? You don´t think it´s the truth what I´m barking? You´re welcome to ask Denis and Tanja! They KNOW that especially now, even though I´m not chasing any weird thingis on mother earth anymore, I am going to scout every inch of dangerous ground they will travel. And because it´s obvious to me, that I will allways have a dog basket in a corner of my master and mistress big hearts, it´s clear to me that I´m further going to take part of every fantastic future adventure. Wauuuuhhuuuu!

Even though I have to say: It´s verrrrrry nice up here, where I´m living now. I AM allowed to snack everything my heart desires. Now you´re impressed Denis eh? And I AM allowed to hunt so long and wildly, till I get out of breath. What, with all modesty, will take a looooong time for a heroic splendid looking chap like me. I also met some old comrades. Tanja will surely remember this classy dingo girl right? Wuff! She´s so totally hooked on my fashionable pawwear.

However, I´m having a great time. I have sent a qualified deputy to my humans to pull the chestbones out of the ground, when push comes to shove. This one will accompany them on their great journey till, on the very last stage, we´ll meet again. I´m happy as a sandpuppy, how many nice storys they will be able to tell me. Because this journey is by no means at its end!

Well now, chest out, chin up and throw your snouts in the wind.

Lots of love, Rufus Freddy Wauy Katzer"