Tanja Katzer

Tanja Katzer was born on August 30, 1970 in Nuremberg. She is a qualified travel agent. She gave up her career in 1991, and joined Denis on his worldwide expedition “The Great Journey”. Together they have travelled through the Death Desert (Taklamakan) by foot, through the Central Highlands and the Desert Gobi in Mongolia by camel or horse-drawn carriage – just to mention a few stages of their “Great Journey”.

Together with Denis, Tanja makes use of her abilities as author, photographer, and film producer to publish their experiences in magazines, to hold slide shows, to write books, and to work on film documentations for the television.

During the expedition breaks, Tanja works as an international model, or indulges in her passion: painting.

Feel free to have a look at photos of her work as a model on her website: www.tanja-katzer.de

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