Mother Earth is alive

In order to explain the project Mother Earth, we would like to publish a part of the dialogue I held with the desert after a march of many years.

Is there a connection between kangaroos and mankind?

Once again it is hot. None of us is able to say a word. In mutual silence, Tanja and I keep walking mile for mile through the desert. From time to time it appears a torture, an agony for body and soul. My mind and my body part, and my thoughts start drifting. Suddenly, through the shimmer of the mirage ahead of us, we can see kangaroos jumping about. The voice of the desert, not often heard in recent times, asks: “Do you notice anything?” “What should I notice?” “Well, you’re probably once again contemplating about what sense it makes to carry on your march. You should really know by now that the path you’ve chosen to take, the life you’ve chosen to live, has a deep meaning for both of you, that the march through the deserts of Australia has shown you the way deep into your own selves. Have you still got any doubts?” “No, but at times we reach the point of absolute exhaustion, and then these silly thoughts about the sense of our march keep coming up.” “Ignore them, spend your time observing nature. You must learn from us, take notice of us, breathe us in. Stay attentive. Make sure you don’t become insensible, and don’t take the things happening around you for granted. See them as a miracle. Look at them from another angle. You’ve got the chance to do so. You’ve got all chances. Do you understand?” “I think so.” “All right, so what can you see?” “Kangaroos. I can see kangaroos jumping about all over the ground. They’re jumping through a mirage.” “Very good. And what does that tell you?” “Well,… I don’t really know. Something is different, you’re right, but what?” “You know what it is. Let it flow. Observe the kangaroos and your feet.” “My feet?”, I ask the desert astonished, and look down to my feet. Back and forth, back and forth. Step, step, step. Left foot, right foot. “What’s supposed to be different?” “Nothing is different. Except your angle of view. The way you look at the things happening around you has changed in the past years. Am I right? And now watch the kangaroos.” “I don’t know. First you want me to watch the kangaroos, and then my feet. Do my walking feet have anything to do with the kangaroos…?” “Think about it…”

Step, step. Back and forth. Stump, stump. Jump, jump. Step, step. “But of course! I’ve got it! There is a connection between my feet and the kangaroos. It’s the same rhythm. My feet step on the earth with the same rhythm as the kangaroos ahead of us jump over the ground.” “Very good… and what else?” “What else?” “Yes, what else. That’s not all, is it?” “Well, we have the same rhythm, the same vibrations, the same wave. The same language? Yes, us beings, we all walk over the membrane of Mother Earth. It’s like the beat of a drum. The beat of a big, huge maternal drum. Indeed, it appears to be kind of a language, a means of communication. My steps beat the membrane, the jumps of the kangaroos beat the membrane. We produce vibrations, and vibrations can be measured. It’s like the voice of a moderator reaching you loudly and clearly over a certain frequency out of the loudspeakers of our radio. Is that why I can hear your voice?” “Yes – at least at the moment it is one way for you to communicate with us. What do you think it shows you? Now that you’ve understood, what does it tell you?”

“Well…, we’re all united. We all live on the same planet, on the same membrane. It’s always the same message. The message is not to destroy this membrane, in order to never be separated from each other, in order for mankind and nature always to remain united. Without you, this surface we walk on every day would be torn away from us. Thus, we must be aware of the way we treat this membrane. You can compare it with our own skin on our own bodies.” “Very good. That’s it. Maybe you should choose another way of expressing yourself though, and face the fact that all human beings have something in common with the kangaroos, that all human beings are part of a rhythm called maternal rhythm or rhythm of the earth. It’s like your heartbeat, the pulsation of which is your common rhythm. In this case, the kangaroo symbolizes unity and rhythm. There are so many symbols, and you human beings principally live in a very close relationship with us, with the many different habitats nature offers, such as the outback, the deserts, the jungles, the mountains, the oceans, and the Poles. You must never forget that we don’t have frontiers – everything belongs together. Every being is a part of the system. It’s important for you human beings to eventually understand this, and consequently to cause less damage to yourselves by sticking to materialism. Tell the others. Write about it…”

Nobody can own the membrane of the maternal drum

You must also tell them that nobody can own the membrane of the drum. It wouldn’t work. You human beings may borrow a part of it for the time you spend on earth, but you can’t own it. You may want to exploit your part of the membrane, dig deep holes into it, litter it, and then pass it on to your descendants. But don’t forget, you cannot own the membrane of the earth. It’s part of the general system of communication. It’s the rhythm of life, and the source of nutrition you stand on, walk on, and build your cities on. But always remember, the membrane can never be owned by anyone. It always belongs to all, no matter what race or colour. Even your own skin is only borrowed for a few years. When you die, it goes back to all, back to Mother Earth. You must therefore always be aware of what you do with the membrane you live on. Always remember that the membrane of Mother Earth, the membrane of the maternal drum can never be owned, just as little as the air you breathe. It belongs to all beings on this planet. The earth and the air belong to the kangaroo just as much as to mankind. It’s very important to understand that it appears insane to start a war about a piece of the membrane you call land. That will not bring you any further. Do you see the importance of this angle of view? Do you understand the connection between your walking feet and the jumping kangaroos? Can you see how far this understanding may take you? Are you aware of the fact that this little bit of knowledge may already show you the way to infinity? So I won’t ask you any more about whether or not your projects make any sense. The strains you suffer will show you the way to other empires, they can be seen as an aid to help you open your mind…"

One more important reason why Mother Earth is worth while protecting.

“You should keep in mind that we represent the supermarket in which you do your shopping, or the plate from which you eat. Don’t ever forget that we supply the water you drink and you need in order to bathe. We are what you breathe. Remember the pain you suffer when thirsty, hungry, cold or hot, or when suffering diseases and lastly dying from them. If you carry on plundering the shelves of your own supermarket without refilling them, if you carry on throwing your litter on your own plates, and spilling your last glass of water, you will cause a lot of pain to yourselves and to the coming generations. In that case, we, as in the desert, the jungle, the forests and meadows, the oceans, seas and lakes, rivers and mountains, shortly we, Mother Earth, will not be able to help you any more. We would certainly regret this very much, as we all love you, as we are a part of you, and you are a part of us – it’s important you should know that.”

The origin of our dialogues with Mother Earth and the desert are described in detail in our Australian diaries.