Madagascar 1994

A life ruled by the spirits

(7.000 kilometres by jeep through Madagascar)

This huge island in the western part of the Indian Ocean with its adventurous name has always been of magical attraction to us. A distance of 7.000 kilometres was to be covered – we took a jeep across remote off-road tracks, and we sailed a dugout canoe with an outrigger through the waters with the worldwide largest manifestation of sharks, and so discovered a country yet largely unexploited. This island gave us the impression that any day a whirlwind would possibly destroy bridges, roads, houses, or even complete districts. We saw an island with crocodiles living in its rivers, and with a countless amount of birds and butterflies living in its primeval forests, so many that most of them are as yet unidentified. Madagascar itself is a natural park where fauna and flora of long gone times have found a place to survive to this day.

Impressions we will never forget: seeing the hatchery of the legendary bird called rock, which became extinct not too long ago – a bird whose eggs took on the size of a football; or being witness of a death cult.

As our book “Die große Reise” (“The Great Journey”) is out of stock at the moment, we shall issue an ample abstract of it in the category “Diaries Madagascar” within short.


Madagascar 1994

Tanja und Denis Katzer travelled 7000 kilometres through this huge island near the south-western coast of Africa in an off-road vehicle, they canoed on the Tsiribihina in a dugout canoe, and they sailed on the Piroge across the waters with the worldwide largest manifestation of sharks.