Mongolia 1996

Horseback expedition through the lands of Genghis Khan

Twelve horses, one horse-drawn carriage, as well as several camels accompanied us for 1.600 kilometres on our way through Mongolia – through its Highlands, through its vast lands as far as the eye can reach, as well as through its Gobi Desert.

We met huge herds of sheep, cows, and horses. We got to know a nation of warm-hearted people, and were able to enjoy their hospitality. We even sensed a whiff of Genghis Khan’s breath: not only did we survive a hold-up, but we also coped with challenges demanding inhumane efforts.

Already during our expedition I made it a habit to take down our immense, as well as informative and exciting travel experiences. Since we are permanently en route, though, our already cram-full treasury box of experiences is filled daily with new stories, and I do not expect to find the time to go through my notes and publish them here or in a book in the near future.

However, I definitely intend to write down our sometimes dramatic but also amusing experiences with a nation living in a rough and merciless country.


Mongolia 1996/Summer

It was the first time in the past century for Europeans to travel through the central highlands of Mongolia. Tanja and Denis Katzer covered a distance of 1600 kilometres, together with a total of 12 horses and a self-made horse-drawn carriage. Here we have an expedition that stretched the two of them to the limits of human capacities.